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Saturday, 27 September 2014

What Should you do if you are a victim of Sextortion?

I have a guy friend who had similar problem but he was extorted for money.

The tricks they used will be:

1. Show concern about you

2. Spend time with you Greeting Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Good Night

3. They will try to pick up your weakness by sharing their own stories

4. They will keep a diary of your personality and surprise you by how they remember you (make you feel important)

5. They will praise you and talk to you like a loves one

6. They will ask you to send pictures to them after they send theirs like what is shown in Crime Watch.

If you or anyone really did send picture which they can blackmail you.

Do not give them money or any thing they asked for because they will never STOP!

There is only ONE thing you can do!

Catch them red handed with the help of the police.

This is the ONLY WAY to get back the pictures you sent over with any back up!

What are the steps?

1. Go down to the police station and inform them about the situation.

2. Inform them the predator wants to meet you when and when.

Make it sound urgent! If not, it will take times for the authority to get back to you!

3. Do not meet the predator without the police in the picture!

4. Get him caught red handed AND get this done and over with.

Don't worry about losing face.

Only worry about losing more.

Protect your money and body!

Be safe Everyone!

Another Good Deed Done!

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