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Sunday, 14 September 2014

A Farming Method

I shared this story on Facebook and it seem to applies to the last post about the Beautiful Mind.

Have a Good Read and see whether it applies to you.

If you are a farmer and you know the weather is good for growing crops. (planting seasons)

Would you start planting your crops?

As the times goes by the crops have all mature and the dry season is coming.

Would you take the chance for the crop to grow bigger to fetch a higher price vs dry weather?

Will the dry weather come tomorrow? No one knows.

Would you choose to harvest, sell and get the money to feed your family and get more stocks to grow in the next planting season?

This is what might happen now.

The Dry season might not come at all but is your choice whether to wait for the right time to plant new crops or allow the crops to grow bigger and maybe juicier.

Plant and Harvest Safely Everyone.

Follow your Objective.

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