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Wednesday, 24 September 2014

A few characteristic of Scams that you need to know!

A few characteristic of Scams are:

1. Over promise that usually come with Under Deliver.


i. just do this task 10 min a day and you can be a millionaire 

ii. 20% return every month

iii. Most 金点 CLASSIC, i will take care of you personally.

2. Sell you the products based on future upside and not present up side.

i. This means you might be buying on a down side with an upside forecast.

3. Misrepresentation 

i. Usually, you need facts and evidence to avoid this because if they intend to scam you, they will make it look so real that you won't want to miss the opportunity.

4. Pressure Selling 

i. They do not give you a cooling period to think about it.

ii. They want huge deposit upfront to deter you from backing out.

5. Uncertainty 

i. when you pose question and the scammer or his team can't answer your Question.

ii. Most 金点 CLASSIC, the Question you posed is not your problem but my problem. Just sit there and wait for money to come.

The above 5 points will be more harmful if you sign any documents that protect the scammer and not you.

Please Be Safe Everyone!

Another Good Deed Done!

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