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Sunday, 14 September 2014

When is a POSSIBLE good time to Enter a Position?

A reader posted: "After reading this post, I must remember the key is still Savings or refers as Bullets. Too many a time, I am trigger happy. Wasted quite some bullets...whereby hoping is in vain for stucked counters to rebound... I should just pull out these weeds and do replanting..."
I just want to share with everyone.
1. You don't have to buy everyday.
2. You buy because you see prospect and momentum, not because you can afford it.
3. You buy because you have a plan. is easier to find a good entry but is hard to find a good exit.
4. You buy if you know your planned holding period you have the time to observe it. if you know you are busy, don't buy.
5. Don't buy an amount that don't allow you to sleep well at night.
Always remember this. Life is not about trading or investing.
Is about having a proper life too.

Live a proper live because we don't live to die.

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