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Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Being a Woman is Not Easy

It's been a while since I posted. Just my personal opinion for this post.

It is really not easy to be a woman.

They must look either pretty, kind or filial or all to get a possible good husband or family.

Especially for those who need to make up so as to look presentable for work. 

Is Tough Job to make up and remove make up everyday.

Guys...being nice is not enough, must be able to give security. Yes. Money or Asset is even better.

I won't go into the figure for women or guys in this post.

I won't go into when one party decides to be unfaithful.

In most case studies, girl will accept guy older then them.

It will be great if they are around the same age, this mean they can grow old together.

The big problem comes when a girl choose a guy 15 years older then her.

In the beginning, it will seems ok but when they become elderly, that is where the problem surface.

If the guy is 70 years old, the girl is only 55 years old.

I know an auntie who have this problem, the husband got stroke and she can only play game everyday.

Yes. She told me she play mobile game everyday. To relieve her stress apparently.

Her maid will and is the only one who can take care of her husband.

My point being is she have to either take care of her husband for the rest of her life, if they can't afford a maid or she would be alone after her husband left her early.

She might have to live alone for the next 15 years if 70 is the normal number for one to go heaven.

She might not meet a good elderly company due to family or society belief.

I am not saying when the age gap is huge 2 person cannot be together, at least plan something good for your partner long before hand.

My point is being a woman is really not easy, that's all.

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