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Wednesday, 12 November 2014

The Importance of a Will.

Not so sure we should talk about this but then again we should try to help people who are lost and had lost their loves one.

One should prepare a will so that their loves one will not have difficulty in getting their estates.

You can prepare your own will without a lawyer but with 2 witnesses who go through the will preparation. Sign with date on the will.

The 2 witness must not be the beneficiary.


In the absence of a will,

If one does not have surviving spouses and issues, read Rule number 9.

Rule 9
In default of distribution under rules 1 to 8, the Government shall be entitled to the whole of the estate.



I would recommend anyone to prepare the will with a lawyer because they will advice you on the proper format and what a "will" won't cover.


Property you hold in joint tenancy with someone else (or in "tenancy by the entirety" or "community property with right of survivor ship " with your spouse). 

At your death, your share will automatically belong to the surviving co-owner. 

A will provision leaving your share would have no effect unless all co-owners died simultaneously.

An exception is possible when the property was purchased under "tenants in common".


This post is to show some importance in preparing a will for your loves one.

There is more to find out about what "will" can do and can't do for you.

Is always best to get a lawyer to prepare. 

My advice is to get legal quotation before you proceed.

Another Good Deed Done.

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