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Wednesday, 5 November 2014

How is Valuetronic performing after the blog post on Wednesday, 24 September 2014

This blog is a follow up on the blog post dated  24 September 2014. You can refer to the link below.



The above report send the price action of Valuetronic to Gap Down and dropped 12% in a day. You can refer to the chart below dated 14 October 2014.

DBS Vickers and Lim & Tan Securities came to the rescue dated 15 Oct 2014. The red shade and the red arrow in the below chart.


After looking at all the report, we should look at the present chart and Valuetronic Half Yearly Result from the link below.


Which Analyst did you think given a better analyse of Valuetronic?

At the current price of 0.345, Valuetronic price action is near to  NAV of 0.325 and the Dividend Yield, if all remain equal, is value at 7.4%.

IS this the right time of entry?

We have to take note that Valuetronic is indeed facing competition in the market and the Profit have came down.

Will Valuetronic be able to increase their revenue in the future and pay consistent dividend?

Your Guess is as Good as My Guess but it will be good to look for any high volume break out from 0.375 for a Good Reversal.

If there isn't any reversal, we might just see a possible Eillot Wave C to be formed at 0.265.

Invest Safely Everyone. Always do your own Due Diligent!

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