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Monday, 17 November 2014

A Letter from God to Forex Traders

This is an old facebook post but I find it meaningful to add into my Blog.

Have a Good Read!

Saw this interesting letter that I wish to share with my fellow traders.

Title: A Letter from God to Forex Traders


I am very delighted and pleased to write to you because you forex traders are among those of my people who call me and pray a lot specially when the market goes against your positions. Please keep in your mind that at the same time that the market goes against your positions and you start praying and asking me to turn around the price to your favorite direction, there are a lot of other people who have taken the right position and are happy with the money the market is making for them. Most of them keep on saying “Thanks God!” and ask me to move the market more and more.

Whom should I listen to? What would you do if you were me? Would you suddenly change the direction of the market to please those who were losing or you would force the market to keep on moving on the same direction to please those who were making money?

I don’t do either. I have created and organized everything with its own rules and regulations. Everything, from the smallest particles in atom’s nucleus to the biggest galaxies and stars are moving and behaving through following the rules and regulations that I placed in their structures and systems at the very first moment I created them. They know what to do because they follow the rules. They use the initial source of energy I gave them. Electrons, planets, stars and… know their own orbit and pathway very well. They don’t ask about their direction and destiny everyday. I have already told them what to do.

When a bird wants to go and find some food and at the same time it starts raining, that bird doesn’t ask me to stop the rain, because he/she knows that it starts raining exactly when it is time to. It is the bird who has to adopt himself to the nature and its rules. Nature and its rules can not be changed just to please a bird.

It is the same with forex market and all other things. If you like to make money through forex trading, you have to learn and follow the forex market rules. Market doesn’t follow you. You have to follow the market. If you took a position and the market went against you, don’t ask me to return it because I don’t listen. Even if Jesus takes a wrong position, I don’t care because it is his own fault. He also has to know the forex trading rules and techniques if he wants to become a forex trader.

If you blew up your account because of your own ignorance and because you didn’t know how much money you would have to put in each trade, don’t blame me and don’t say that I don’t like you and why the others make money but you only lose. It is not my fault. I don’t make any exception. I love everybody. Everybody who follows the rules will be prosperous. Those who try to go against the rules will suffer.

I never forget those days that the market went against you and you prayed for it to be returned and it returned (not because I made it return for you but because it was the right time to return). You recovered your loss and suddenly forgot about me. You forgot that you were begging me to return the price for you. You repeated that if I returned the price just once, you would promise that you would never ever make any more mistake and you would follow the rules. But as soon as the price returned and you recovered your loss, you forgot me and your promise and started repeating the same mistakes over and over. Instead of being like that, just learn the rules and techniques.

Keep in your mind that I am the only one who makes no mistake. Even if you learn all the rules and techniques and you gain several years of experience, you can still make mistake. But it is ok. There is something which is called stop loss. It is one of the most important things in everything. I have placed a lot of different stop losses in nature too. For example your body cells know that when something goes wrong with them and they are not able to control a bad condition, they have to pack all their internal organs and substances and “stop” all activities and biochemical reactions to avoid hurting the other cells. Those cells that ignore this rule become converted to cancerous cells. Of course they ignore it when it is time to ignore and when it is time for you to come here but if you don’t like to lose all the money that you have in your account just because of one mistake, never ever ignore placing a reasonable stop loss and when you made sure that your stop loss is in the right position, never ever move it when you see the price gets close to it.

Lastly, if you succeeded to make money through forex trading or any other kind of businesses, try to spend a portion of your income for charitable purposes every month. Don’t say “I pay tax.”. Most of the tax that you pay are spent to make deathful weapons to kill innocent people around the world. Or it is spent to make some crooks richer. Most of those who really need to be supported and paid have never been paid and supported through the tax that you pay. I know it is not your fault but it is still your responsibility to take care of those who need your help. Although I don’t listen to you when you ask me to return the price to your favorite direction when it goes against you, if you help poor people with the money that you make, I help you to become a good forex trader who knows and follows the forex trading rules as soon as possible. I never forget those who don’t forget me and I help those who help the others for the sake of me. Take care of the others and I take care of you. I assure you that if you help the others I don’t let you down and I will be there for you at the moment that no one can help you but me.

Very truly yours,

via Tan Peng Huat (TP Huat)


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