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Thursday, 6 November 2014

Even the Greatest Investor Have more Money in the Bank then in any Investment. Do you know why?

Tricky part can be define as the part that is tough or critical to achieve for the goal to materialize.
1. Money in the Bank can be categories into Short, Mid, and Long Term Deposit and should be easily attained for any purposes.
2. Always invest within your means so no investment have to be cash out in poor market condition other then sour investment.
3. All investment Sold will become Money for the next investment or expenses plan like retirement.
4. To achieve more Money in the bank, one will require Consistent Incoming Cash Flow.
5. Passive Income in investment ONLY comes from funds that are locked in.
So the Greatest Investors knows how to make sure his money in the bank is more then his investment because that is the Best way to have more Quality Investment when the Opportunity knocks.

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