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Thursday, 5 February 2015

Saving is not about living a pauper's life and forgoing life's pleasures - saving is a lifestyle.

A Right Question is asked when the Right Post is posted.

Hi there,

1. Buy what you need and not what you want.

2. Have a standing order that auto transfer 50% or more of your salary to a bank account you will use for fix deposit and equity investment. (50% is recommended, it can be lesser)

3. Keep to a proper life style by buying discounted items or discounted offers on drinks or food.

4. Use your annual leave to look for part time job which pays good money.

5. Travel at a discount by booking n planning yourself. If you can get a sponsor, even better.

6. Insurance wise, you can focus on what you need at your age and your main objective. eg term insurance which give Good Coverage at a lower fee.

7. Buy HDB before getting your private property. Use the MOP of 5 years to save and grow your capital.

Do all these and you will be richer then many that just spend without proper planning because they pay more for long term Stuffs tt can be Good n Discounted.

Another Good Deed Done!

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