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Monday, 16 February 2015

Knowledge can help you Save Good Money!

I recently received a letter from a Firm to Appoint them to Renew my Existing Trade Mark on my behalf.

The Renewal Fee is SGD500 for each trademark.

I held Four (4) Live TradeMark Personally.

That will cost me a Total of SGD2000 if I render their services.

This firm is providing me a Service which I can actually do it myself with Ease and at a Better Rate.

This is where the "Knowledge can help you Save Good Money!" comes about.

I am not trying to spoil that firm opportunity in making additional income if anyone decided to render the renewal services to them.

I feel it is fair to let the person who render their services knows the actual price they are paying if they can do it themselves.

Look at the information below.

We can actually RENEW Each TradeMark at S$250 per class of goods/services (via eFiling) or S$270 (manual filing) per class of goods/ services.

1. efilling is fast and cheap at $250 which means you can save $250 if you render out the renewal services.

2. manual filing is slightly more costly and slower at $270 but you still save $230 if you render out the renewal services

By having Knowledge I can save $920 to $1000 from this Important Renewal.

Ok. So I know how to Save money but how does this help my readers?

I will show you how to renew your own trademark online.

1. Click on this link:

2. Click on TM 19 eFiling as seen in the image below.

3. Log in with your Singpass if prompted and fill in the form TM19 accordingly.

4. Pay online and your Renewal is Done!

If you are not sure on what is the proper step to take, you can always contact me at Tel: (65) 6339 8616 on how to fill the form properly.

Just kidding, the number belong to IPOS so give them a call and you can get all your doubts clear.

Another Good Deed Done!

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