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Saturday, 3 January 2015

Some post are money driven.....

While I was drinking kopi at StarBucks, I read something quite disturbing.

Read a post which ask People to buy ticket to hear about how investment can get good return and is a guide to guide their off Spring with investment knowledge?

And the last part, when people try to add you but your account is full, they will be asked to follow you. You don't really have to prompt them to.

I thought the post make sense since it was share by a nice guy in my friend list.

In fact what was posted by my friend is better then the Content shared.

First of all.

I totally disagree with

"By the way, don't expect your children to take care of you and your spouse during your winter years because most of them (with the same old mindset about money) can't even take care of themselves and their own families financially due to raising cost of living and inflation!"


Second i am not against any party but stating merely facts.

1. A child should be filial to their parent whether they are rich a not.

Yes. There are many struggling cases but those are the most filial among us compare to those who just use money to pay back to their parents.

2. By teaching your child to work for money is guiding them to ask you to work for money if you wanted money when you are dependent of them. Don't believe? Use his method and you will know.

THE CORRECT APPROACH is to lead by example.

One must be filial in the first place to expect their off spring to be filial. In the end, whether they are filial a not is pre-destined but you did your part to be a good example.

3. Guidance by word is never as effective. I have a friend who bring his children back to the old folk home which his dad used to stay and even do services for the old folks there after his dad passed away.

No money is gained for this but contributed. This is the correct culture.

And why his dad is living in the old folks home if he is filial? Every family have their story.

I even heard of people leaving their old dementia parent in johor and came back to SG themselves.  Compare this.

4. Teaching your child to be savvy in investment should never come first.

What parent should teach them is to focus on attaining all basic needs

(i) Family Planning
(ii) Career/Consistent income should come first rather then investing.
It should be Saving!
(iii) Property Purchasing, buy what you need and not what you want
(iv) Insurance. Minimum H & S Policy

The market is a cruel place. If you enter at the wrong timing, be it investing or trading, you will see red in your account.

With Good Saving Amount, even if you get a 4% yield return from your wrong timing of investment, you are still doing better then others!

By learning to invest and not getting the FOUR points attained, you will never be able to climb up if you actually fall.

Investing or Trading give people a false scenario that they will be better then others, yet it is those who practice the simple method of the above Four points that have a better control of their life.

Lastly, many post are money driven. I am disappointed the intention of the post is not to remind parents to lead by example to their children about filial piety.

Rather it is to induce parent to pay and receive training material after hearing successful stories. Trust me, these training material are just stage one of a paying process.

If you want people to buy ticket to attend your event, why not be straight forward about it rather then giving the wrong signal by preying on their needs to guide their off spring?

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