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Saturday, 3 January 2015

my views on ST Engineering

my views on ST Engineering

Hammer in the chart at the lowest low is formed by Share Buy Back on 17th Dec 2014 after the attempt on 16th Dec is a failure from Strong Selling.

The final 3rd white soldier is formed with Share Buy Back on 19th Dec.

23rd Dec comes another Share Buy Back which coincides with T+3.

30th Dec Disposal of 1,117,000 shares Shares by Capital Research and Management Company ("CRMC"). which is announced on 31st Dec. Half Day Trading.

2nd Jan 2015 another Share Buy Back to form the price action above the support zone of 3.34 - 3.38

In terms of Fundamental, if QR 4th result is good, it will bring investor into ST Eng.

Why did Capital Research and Management Company ("CRMC"). cash out might be a sign not to ignore. Your guess is as good as my guess.

TA wise, the chart does show more bull then bear but read above again.

is the buy back sustainable?

Will marco issue brings fear and sell off?

Too much guessing here.

I projected both the short term upside and downside and we are currently in a downtrend channel.

Understand the whole picture and decide for yourself what to do with your money.

Trade and Invest Safely Everyone!


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