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Monday, 29 June 2015

Let me share my views on TP or you can said Esc P (Escape Price) before I go run some errand.

Let me share my views on TP or you can said Esc P (Escape Price) before I go run some errand.


TP is usually based on your open position/s or your projection of the counter.

1. You can choose to TP at the next historical resistance/simple moving average in the chart if you  feel the trend is still down trend (in a buy position) . Do the reversal in a short position.

Most retailer will see historical support or resistance as a guage.

2. You can choose to take partial TP if your plans and position allow.

This is especially so when you see momentum but you are not sure you are right a not.

3. You can ride your full position or partial position when you did homework and know there is a reason for more buyer to bring up the price.

This is especially so when you have a good margin of safety by buying at support instead of buying into resistance.

4. After you open your position and you see poor momentum or closing price is lower then opening price, you have to be mentally prepare to use ESC Price to lower the loss.

This is especially so when you buy with hope and you already see pump and dump in action.

Escape Price can range from the last low of the previous price action or your trailing stop criteria.

Escape Price could be the matching price if you fail to close your position at the price you set for yourself.

Point 4 is also applicable to all the above 3 points as a follow up.

Last but not least, you can check out my earlier post on Stop Loss which is also applicable for all the above 4 points.


Trade and Invest Safely Everyone!

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