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Monday, 29 June 2015

Let me share an alternate view in Stop Loss before i go take a nap.

Stop Loss so you can Bounce Back.

Let me share an alternate view in Stop Loss before i go take a nap.
1. If the marco market is bearish,
2. The counter you hold does not seem to have interested party to buy.
3. The counter you hold have consistent selling.
Why wait for the stop loss to hit then cut?
If your stop loss is $800/- at 0.035 and the currently the Bid Price is 0.036 and the Ask Price is 0.037.
You can cut at 0.036 if you dun see people buying up at 0.037.
In the above example, you saved $200/- from cutting at $600 instead of the original $800 you intended to.
Alternatively, you can spend the $200/- on your family and know that the money do good the right way.
When you keep the loss small, is easier to earn back the money.
You can also bet that there will be a rebound after a shake up but if you already feel stress and start hoping, you know the result liao.
Oh, i never mention short because it takes skill and timing and/or sometime scrips to short so i won't even suggest it here.

In fx, a short is a good alternative to hedge the position.
Position control of hedging might even bring winners on both long and short.

Trade and Invest Safely Everyone!

The below shows an example of no buy up at 0.037 but a constant sell down to 0.036.

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