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Monday, 11 May 2015

Why am I interested in personal finance? (feat Chang Han Thomas who BULLy the BEAR)

To start it off, I come from a low income family.

From the time I can remember myself as a kid, I was living in a one room flat at Whampoa.

I slept on the floor with my two siblings sharing two mattress.

Yes. No Bed like what you see in the picture above.

Back then, I don't even know what is money and that it even existed.

My next Stage of life started when I goes to kindergarten.

I learned simple mathematics and money still don't mean a thing to me when I walk to school and home.

All meals provided at home and I won't miss it.

Now the turning point of my life, Primary School.

This is where I get 50cents a day for my recess time. My first capital in life.

This is when I learn to save money by skipping meals and buy my favourite erasers (The National Flag Type) to challenge my friend to an erasers fight.

This is more then enough for the childhood part.

I mean it when I said not everyone is born equal in my previous post on why don't people care about personal finance.

What I am trying to imply here is, it is our human nature to save money to spend.

YES! Spending is what makes our life Exciting and Fulfilling.

We all wanted to be RICH and to spend on anything we want at any time and any place.

The mindset of being Rich is implants in Everyone but the Concept and Approach is slightly different for Everyone.

Beep! Beep! Beep! 

My timer for my 30 minute write up is up again so I will finish this article soon.
Wait a Minute! Isn't this post about why I am interested in personal finance?

 I am interested in personal finance when I start seeing my parents getting older as I grow up.

I have seen them save up and stay thrifty for lives just for their children and I wanted to give them a better life.

The Concept and Approach is slightly different for Everyone.

I believe in

1. fulfilling the basic needs of securing a roof over our head
2. getting insure for high medical bills
3. getting a passive income before we are not able to physically work
4. taking care of our parents and giving them peace of mind.

I am really glad I am able to do what I believe in and my parent are retired for 6 years with a peace of mind.

Good night Everyone!

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