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Monday, 7 May 2018

Career Discussion: Should I be An Insurance Agent?

This post is triggered from the Question on "Should I be An Insurance Agent?"

Before we go into this discussion I like to share how I know about Insurance and how it link to the above inspirational quote. 

My best friend from Poly got his first job as an insurance agent and he introduce insurance policy to me as a protection to my parents and myself if I get into an accident or CI or goes heaven.

I do not have any insurance policy and I got my first, second and then third policy from him.

Are all the policies the cheapest and most down to earth policies?

The answer is no.

Is my best friend still an insurance agent?

The answer is no.

Is he still my best friend?

The answer is yes and we are still in contact. We even have an annual classmate gathering getting eating dinner and sing KTV.

Why didn't I blame my best friend and disown him for the money wasted on the policies?

The reasons are simple

a) All the policies I purchased are not cheap but they did serve as a protection to me.
b) When he sells me the policies, he sold me with the best knowledge he had as a fresh poly graduate.
c) He helps me to claims when I met with an uncertain situation and never mia from any phone call or smses.
d) After he left insurance, i realised i have to pick up more in financial products and be independent.

After I took effort to learn about financial products, I manage to reconstruct my insurance policies that serve me better in my retirements plan. 

All this links back to the Inspirational quote above.

"If you light a lamp for someone else, it will also brighten your path."

If I choose not to buy any policies at all and the uncertain situation hits me, I will be badly damage.

By buying at least the essential policies, to help my best friend and myself, I am protected in some ways.

I am not saying we should anyhow buy any policies but rather we need to get protected by the essential policies like private integrated shield policies.

If you ask me whether I prefer to pay more or less for the best protection, of cos I wanna the best deal but sometimes we have to learn the hard way.

Blaming will not change the situation, rather is the willingness to learn and progress that will reverse the situation for the better and I get to keep my best friend!

There is really no regret on my side but I hope no one have to go through any bad insurance experiences
because we trusted our friends.

Back to the main post on : Should I be An Insurance Agent?

I always advocate on learning at least a skill when I speak to people.

If we take away discussion about the best insurance products or bad ethics.

Being an insurance agent allows the individual to gain knowledge on

1. what are the best products for their family members or ourselves

2. Sales technique hopefully not abused.

3. How to claim hopefully without complications. (Some really try to fight the claims for their clients)

4. Financial planning if the individual find passion in this.

5. Spark out a retirement plan which the school does not teach.

The world just need to be a little kinder to see the goodness in every trade.

**Lastly, always compare and confirm with black and white before you commit to any product you can afford to fulfill the full term.**

Another Good Deed Done!

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