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Sunday, 25 March 2018

Some day I want to be a Taitai too!

Before we continue, I want to highlight it is not wrong to want to be a Taitai.

Is a reward in life for people who have visions and focus!

Success without purpose is life without meaning.

There is nothing wrong to want to be a Taitai!

A girl can dream right or is this fat hope?

The short answer is definitely marrying a prince or into a rich family.

So what is the long answer?
1. The long answer is a girl can become Taitai by:

a) Starting her own business and become financial independent.

b) Helping her partner in his personal/family business and 
become financial independent.

c) Work and Save up till she 
become financial independent

What a girl really have to avoid, is to live a Taitai lifestyle outside their means.




To be Taitai a not, is definitely more meaningful when it is a reward.

Lastly,  hope all the female readers manage to find the short answer and become a successful Taitai.

Time decides who you meet in life,

Your heart decides who you want in your life,

Your behaviour decides who stays in your life.


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